CMT Global Trading Ltd was established at 2012 and provides advanced operational services to international brands in the e-commerce and online industries. The services vary and include the following:



  • Marketing – We help organization put together a marketing strategy to ensure that the promotion efforts remain aligned with the business goals and maximizing the business returns. That includes; Understanding customers – market segments, analyze market, analyze competition, research distribution, define marketing mix, financial analysis, review & revise. Marketing plans heavily utilize online tools like: Social Media marketing, Affiliate marketing, SEOs, Email Marketing, PPC, Media Buying and more

  • Sales consultation – Under existing competitive and dynamic markets, we help merchants and organizations pinpoint the exact tools to increase sales performance. Through benchmark analysis and plan we discover the best avenues for sales, identify strengths/ weaknesses, find out how organization stack up against competitors, and put a sales growth plan of action in place.

  • IT and Systems – Provide technology solutions, systems management, maintenance and monitoring of the Information technology, hardware and software infrastructure of the organization through providing solutions based on business objectives, handling of tool parameterization requests enabling modification of process and user interface functionalities, Implementation of IT system administration and operation processes, Ensuring fixed system maintenance parameters, Support in integration with domain systems and more

  • Backoffice and Compliance Management – provides a quick and efficient process for onboarding and auditing new and existing clients; ensuring that best practice, risk based policies are applied, which comply with current regulatory and legal obligations. The service includes collecting all end user verification documents transactions and logging them into reports for reconciliation, Book keeping,